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Grace for your Pain.

Get Grace for Past Wounds and Present Addiction.

Life brings pain and injustice. We often hide, put up barriers, or turn to addictions in an effort to cope. Grace means you’re safe to step out from behind your shame and get real help.

Celebrate Recovery (Help with Hurts, Habits, and Hang Ups)

As of October 2022, our Group Celebrate Recovery has taken a hiatus to re-evaluate and reorganize.

Celebrate Recovery Links:

Celebrate Recovery Home Page 

Celebrate Recovery Locator Map

Better Life Counseling Center

Better Life offers professional counseling for personal and relational pain. Whether your marriage is on the brink of divorce or you’ve suffered an abusive past, you can find help and hope.

Visit Better Life Counseling to get help.

Ongoing Care & Growth at Southwest Church

All of us need relationships where we care for each others’ needs, where we’re known and loved, and where we walk through life together. The best place for ongoing growth and care is in a House Church.

Get Care

Visit the Better Life Counseling website or email Darla Kellett for confidential help joining a Celebrate Recovery group.