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The Far Off

Next Steps for Doubters.

Grace for Doubters, Seekers, and Searchers.

Even in a city ‘filled with churches’, there are many with doubts or disagreements with church, Jesus, faith, and the Bible.

In our divided culture, you can find a place for dialogue and understanding at Southwest Church.

An Open Invitation to the Curious

If you’re curious about Jesus or Southwest Church, come join us. We won’t presume your presence means agreement or acceptance. Even Jesus had people who leaned in, listened, and left. (Of course, you’re welcome to stay.)

A Sunday Worship Service or House Church is a safe place to explore.

An Offer to Dialogue

There’s more than enough assuming, belittling, and name-calling going on around us. Instead, we’d love to connect over humble conversation in the context of relationship.

Start a Dialogue

Let’s leave the finger-wagging to the politicians. Instead, start a dialogue with our team member Dustin Finch. He’s well read and enjoys talking culture, belief, and history. (Plus, chatting with you means his wife can stop nodding along.)