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A Place of Grace for Those Ready for a Fresh Start.

Sunday Worship

Busy. Bored. Broken-down. We’re all stretched thin.
Find grace for a fresh start.

Join us this Sunday.

1601 James St. • Jonesboro, AR

8am Worship Service

Early worship in gym.

9:15am Classes

For all ages and life stages.

10:15am Worship Service

Second worship service in auditorium.

Grace Can Rewrite Your Story

The grace of Jesus is so amazing, it’s scandalous. You can’t exhaust it, can’t outrun it, and can’t contain it. Ready for grace?

Southwest Church: Grace for your family




Families need something beyond busy schedules and sports teams. Discover how grace builds healthy marriages, connected kids, and forgiving homes.

Southwest Church: Grace for the put off


For The

Put Off

Religion gets stale and faith drys up in our cultural Christianity. Walk with others seeking a depth of grace that warms the heart and is worth sharing.

Southwest Church: Grace for the far off


For The

Far Off

Insincerity and judgment ruin the reputation of the church. But grace is Jesus’ invitation to admit we all have questions, doubts, fears, and failures.

Your Next Step

Finding a church is hard. It can feel scary or intimidating. Find the next step for you and your family to grow.