Growing In Grace.

Grace Has A Name—Jesus.

Beliefs are more than a set of statements that collect dust. They shape how we live, love, and serve others. And they’re based on a person—Jesus.


4 Simple Themes

Here are four themes you’ll discover at Southwest.

1. God is Big.

2. Jesus is Central.

3. Grace changes everything.

4. We all need help.

Beliefs are best discovered in relationship.

Let’s be honest. There are all kinds of beliefs, viewpoints, and assumptions in our culture. We’ve found beliefs are best discovered in relationship. Regardless of where you are, you’re welcome to explore what it looks like to follow Jesus in real life.

Here are four foundational beliefs that clarify what it’s like to follow Jesus with us.


1. The Bible is our authority. We come to the Bible to let God’s Word shape and reshape our beliefs and practices. We believe life works best lived in submission to God.

2. We belong to Christ, not a denomination. The label ‘Church of Christ’ describes who we are, rather than dictates what we do. Joining Southwest means fellowshipping with Christians, not joining a ‘Church of Christ’ denomination.

3. We’re called to be Christians and never claim to be the only Christians. Anyone in a saving relationship with God through Jesus is a Christian and a member of Christ’s church.

4. We are accountable to God alone, not a denomination or organization. Our local church and our local leaders submit to Jesus as He guides our church to show and share His good news.