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Next Step

Your Next Step Towards Giving Back.

Grace Changes Others, Not Just You.

Grace lifts your eyes off yourself and allows you to see and serve the needs of others. Serving alongside others changes you and those you bless.

At Southwest, you can serve our Community, our World, and our church Family.

Serve Our Community

Health & Wellness Elementary

Plug into our partnership with Health & Wellness Elementary right in our backyard. Read to students, help with homework, bless teachers and staff, and bring a tangible display of God’s amazing grace.

Food Ministry

Southwest provides food to those qualifying residents of Craighead county twice a week, a blessing for not only those we serve but for those who serve.

Reclamation House

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Jail Ministry

The Southwest Jail Ministry focuses on sharing the good news about Jesus with the female and male inmates at Craighead County Detention Center by offering worship services, Bible study and Bibles.

The Hub

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Teddy Bears

Since 1997, Women of Southwest have worked to create teddy bears for children, who are at local hospitals recovering from surgery. This ministry meets monthly to work together to produce the teddy bears and distribute them.

Serve Our World

Short-Term Trips & Global Partnerships

Get outside your zip code and stretch yourself. Go on a short-term mission trip with a team heading to one of our global partners in Tanzania, Mozambique, Panama, or New Zealand.

Serve Your Church Family

Join a Southwest Volunteer Team

Help make Sunday’s at Southwest a grace-filled experience. Volunteer on a ministry team and put your gifts, skills, and interests to good use. There’s a perfect spot for you to jump in and be a part of a team.