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Next Steps for Your Teens.

Youth Thrive with Grace-giving Friends.

Navigating the teenage years is a battle. Temptations are just a screen away. You want your young adult connected to a great group of friends.

We help connect your teen to Jesus and to each other.

9:15am Sunday Classes (JH & SH)

Junior High and Senior High students each have their own Sunday Class. Students connect with each other and join in an engaging dialogue around the Bible.

6:30 pm Wednesday Youth Gathering (JH & SH)

Our midweek youth gathering in ‘The Attic’ (upstairs in the Better Life Center) is welcoming, energetic, fun, and thoughtful. We help students understand what growth and maturity look like for teens following Jesus together. This is a great next step for your teen.

Serving. Events. Retreats.

We have service opportunities, events, and retreats throughout the year. Your teen will have great opportunities to serve others, make memories, grow friendships, and discover how Jesus intersects with real life.

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Youth Ministry Team

William Murphy leads and serves your teens. Our youth ministry staff loves helping young adults open up and discover a true friendship in Jesus so they can help others. Feel free to email any questions or to get help connecting your teen.