Student Ministry

What? When? Where? How?

Faith Formation in the lives of Students:

SWSM exists to partner with students in their own faith journeys as they walk alongside the Lord. The Student Advisory Committee and the Student Minister desire to assist parents in their God-given responsibilities of passing down faith to their children and forming disciples. During the development of the crucial spiritual stages of our students' lives, we commit to join alongside them and point out God's actions in their lives and equip them on their faith journeys.

Sunday Classes (JH & SH):

Junior High and Senior High students each have their own Sunday Class. Students connect with one other and participate in engaging biblical dialogues.

Wednesday Youth Gathering (JH & SH):

Our midweek youth gathering in ‘The Attic’ (upstairs in the Better Life Center) is welcoming, energetic, fun, and thoughtful. We are constantly seeking a place to provide an honest space where teens can experience God in relevant and meaningful ways.

Ministry Strategy:

Heart: Each week we desire to gather with our students. Through meditation and communion, our intent is to open our hearts with one another in fellowship and with God’s heart.

Soul: We meet on Wednesday nights for what we call, "The Hangout". During "The Hangout", we renew our souls through play, laughter, service, scripture, and testimony. This time is intended to be like a cool drink of fresh water in the desert of the lives of teens.

Mind: Each Sunday morning, we gather around the campfire of scripture with our Core Groups. We learn about who God is, how He has been working throughout history, and how God continues to work in our lives.

Connect on Social:

Student Ministry Team

Coleman Bevill and Emily Cochran lead and serve your students. Our student ministry staff loves spending intentional time with students and guiding them to discover the good life of Jesus Christ and how He plays an active role in our lives. Feel free to email any questions or comments to connect your student!